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  • I've worked for McCare Global Healthcare Services since its inception and I plan on working for this company for a very long time to come. I like the flexibility in this line of work where I am able to pick my own schedule to suit my lifestyle needs. I also enjoy traveling to different hospitals and working with new people. The staff at McCare is friendly and professional and the manager is approachable and supportive. Honestly, the name mcCARE says it all!"

    - Charity Simard


  • Working for Mccare has been an overall positive experience ! Mccare has proven to be a very honest and upright company eager to expand , considerate and understanding of nurses needs. Working for Mccare agency has given us the freedom to travel and work in our province and at the same time have the freedom to book our own vacations and the financial means to enjoy life!

    - Glenda Shaw

    Licensed Practical Nurse

  • This is what working for McCare has meant to me. It has given me a chance to meet some great people and to choose my assignments based on the settings that I enjoy. I have been able to maintain my acute care skills in ER and Med Surg while designing my own schedule to give me time to care for my father while he is sick. The ability to work full time one month but be off the next has been so important to me. I am enjoying what I do which is rural nursing and seeing some of our provinces most beautiful areas.

    - Colleen Jolicoeur

    Registered Nurse

  • Ever since I have started to work with Mccare, I have learned a lot which really help me in future career growth opportunities

    - Vivek

    Licensed Practical Nurse

  • I truly enjoy working for McCare Global Healthcare. I have very much appreciated the flexibility to choose my own hours/schedule. The past couple of years working as an agency nurse has given me the opportunity to meet some great health care professionals and I have made many new friends. I also enjoy working with a diverse population which affords me the occasion to further perfect my nursing skills

    - Jennifer Lagasse

    Registered Nurse

  • I started working for McCare this year (2016). I Enjoy working for McCare for many reasons. The management is great to work with, they care for their nurses and try and accommodate when possible. They offer many opportunities for training, this year they offered a cruise for EKG training. The wonderful things I like about agency is the diversity. Your not limited to one setting. You get to travel, and meet new people. You have the freedom to make your own schedule, you work as much or as little as you like. You can choose the work your experienced in or if you want to enhance your skills by trying new hospitals and/or wards. I have referred other nurses to McCare and will continue to do so

    - Sheri-Ann

    Registered Nurse

  • McCare gave me an excellent opportunity to make a difference in peoples' lives. Working all over Manitoba is a wonderful experience and thru McCare, I feel a sense of accomplishments in my work as a nurse----it gives true meaning to Nursing. McCare sets clear expectations by spelling out rules and policies and sets standards that encouranges me to perform better, miss less work and to be more supportive to changes and be willing to make them happen. McCare creates a productive atmosphere that make its employees feel that they are a dynamic and essential part of the team. McCare provides competitive salary and incentives, educational opportunities for learning, encourages diversity, gives praise openly, sets goals appropriate to the work and always take care of our needs and concerns seriously. I feel blessed to be a part of a productive workforce that is eager to contribute to excellence in Nursing Practice.

    - Yrma

    Licensed Practical Nurse

  • I love working for McCare Global Health Services. They are professional but human at the same time. They provide professional, intelligent and caring nursing staff that are a great asset to any institution. I am very proud to call McCare my employer.

    - Patti W.

    Registered Nurse

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