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The highly in-demand NCLEX-RN review is now just a click away! Review anytime, anywhere, and pass your NCLEX-RN with confidence—the Dr. Ray Gapuz way. McCare Global Center is committed to equipping our healthcare providers with extensive practice and study guides that develop their critical thinking skills.

We offer an NCLEX review program through Gapuz Review-Canada, inclusive of the following:

a.) online review program via Zoom with a live instructor
b.) 26 days Comprehensive Review
c.) 6-day Intensive Final Coaching
d.) one-on-one mentoring on how to successfully pass the NCLEX-RN prior to the actual exam
e.) unlimited practice test questions in a computer-assisted format
f.) 1 Free Mosby ABC
g.) 1 Free NCLEX 311

Review topics cover: prioritization and delegation, endocrine and electrolyte conditions, maternity nursing and care of patients in pain, management of care, cardiovascular, respiratory and EENT, infectious, gastrointestinal, neurologic, musculoskeletal conditions, oncology and body fluids, blood disorders and surgery, psychosocial integrity, and pediatric nursing.

DURATION 100 hours
COST $499