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Short Courses

We hold education and learning in high regard. We want our students to excel and set them up for success. Our courses are designed to help you attain and master skills that will maximize career, educational, and training options.

Flagship Courses

IENCAP & OSCE Preparation Course

Get the best preparation for your nursing competency assessment. Invest in your future nursing career!

This course, offered exclusively by McCare, is designed to assist IENs in pursuing their nursing profession in Canada and prepare them for the competency assessment required by nursing colleges across the country.

It covers nursing standards and practice guidelines, including communication and documentation, health assessment, and clinical nursing skills. It also includes lecture-discussion, case analysis, skills demonstration, hands-on practice, and extensive simulated competency assessment.

DURATION 8 days (64 hours)
COST $1,300

Rural Emergency Nursing Educational Program

Interested in working in an emergency nursing environment but you feel that you lack the required skills?

Our homegrown rural emergency nursing education program helps prepare and support both new and experienced nurses in providing competent care in a rural emergency setting.

This is a modular program is divided into 4 domains:

a). ER nursing core competency (5 days) b.) ER nursing for the special populations (5 days)
c.) ER nursing trauma and resuscitation (6 days)
d.) ER nursing clinical practicum ( 9 days)

This extensive course utilizes lectures, case analysis, video-based presentations, hands-on practice, and testing of nursing skills through online, classroom, simulation laboratory, and actual clinical practice.

DURATION 200 hours (25 days)

Rural ER Nursing Core Competency Course - 40 hours ( 5 days)
ER Nursing for Special Populations Course- 40 hours ( 5 days)
Rural ER Nursing Trauma and Resuscitation Course - 48 hours ( 6 days)
Rural ER Nursing Clinical Practicum - 72 hours ( 9 days)

Rural ER Nursing Core Competency Course - $400
Rural ER Nursing for Special PopulationsCourse- $600
Rural ER Nursing Trauma and Resuscitation Course - $1,100
Rural ER Nursing Clinical Practicum
Full Course = $1,800

NCLEX Preparation

The highly in-demand NCLEX-RN review is now just a click away! Review anytime, anywhere, and pass your NCLEX-RN with confidence—the Dr. Ray Gapuz way

McCare Global Center is committed to equipping our healthcare providers with extensive practice and study guides that develop their critical thinking skills.

We offer an NCLEX review program through Gapuz Review-Canada, inclusive of the following:

a.) online review program via Zoom with a live instructor
b.) 26 days Comprehensive Review
c.) 6-day Intensive Final Coaching
d.) one-on-one mentoring on how to successfully pass the NCLEX-RN prior to the actual exam
e.) unlimited practice test questions in a computer-assisted format
f.) 1 Free Mosby ABC
g.) 1 Free NCLEX 311

Review topics cover: prioritization and delegation, endocrine and electrolyte conditions, maternity nursing and care of patients in pain, management of care, cardiovascular, respiratory and EENT, infectious, gastrointestinal, neurologic, musculoskeletal conditions, oncology and body fluids, blood disorders and surgery, psychosocial integrity, and pediatric nursing.

DURATION 160 hours
COST $499